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Grocery Franchises rely on continuous power to operate their refrigeration systems. Any electrical downtime can result in catastrophic losses. Protect your business with Innosys Power Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). Our SPDs with Enhanced Transient Filter will protect your power systems from many electrical problems. Innosys Power SPDs will dramatically improve total operating efficiency and reliability.

Common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  • HVAC.: Damage and loss of variable frequency drives (VFD’s), compressors and circuit boards;
  • LED Lighting: Excessive failure rate of electronic drivers and fixtures;
  • Compressors, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, appliance circuit boards;
  • Security and alarm systems: camera failures, swipe cards, circuit boards
  • Automatic door controls and motor failures
  • Point of sale and debit machine lock ups and failures

Innosys Power SPDs help to:

  • Extend the life and increase efficiency on lights and ballasts and other associated labour costs;
  • Reduce electrical service work (HVAC, refrigeration equipment, automatic doors);
  • Reduce equipment downtime (repair and service);
  • Extend equipment life;
  • Increase electrical systems safety (fire, lightning, etc.);
  • Increase efficiency (maintenance, engineering, management, etc.).

We are proud to offer the best warranty in the industry on our products. You can learn more about our warranty here.

If you’re looking to protect your Grocery Franchise, get in touch with one of our sales representatives and book your free on-site evaluation today!