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How do you know if your Surge Protection is working?

Surge protection devices are essential for protecting the equipment in your facility and for ensuring the safety of your employees. The vast majority of responsible companies include surge protection as a vital component of their operations.

But how do you know if the surge protection devices you have installed are functioning properly? Will they do what they are designed to do when power surges occur? 

You can find out the hard way – by waiting until a surge happens, potentially causing equipment damage or catastrophic failure. Or you can contact Innosys Power. We will conduct a full on-site inspection at no cost whatsoever. We inspect your current surge protection devices to make sure they are functioning and installed to industry best practices. And we will also identify any units that have been recalled by the manufacturer and products that have been delisted by CSA and other regulatory agencies. 

How frequently does this occur? 

We often inspect facilities that have deficiencies in their surge protection. Finding old, expired, out-of-date, or recalled equipment is quite common. We also identify surge protection devices that are not suitable for the application for which they were installed or were installed incorrectly. 

At Innosys Power, we offer our customers certainty. Providing customers with reliable surge protection is the only thing we do. It’s not a sideline or one part of our overall business. It is our business. And we take it very seriously. 

Why do we offer no-cost inspections? 

Frankly, it’s just good business. If your surge protection is working properly and is specified and installed correctly, we’ll tell you. Now you have certainty. And you’ll remember we were the company that gave you that certainty. If we do identify problems, we will let you know. We will also provide you with a no-obligation quote to correct the problem, or suggest ways to improve the installation of existing equipment. When this happens, we usually get the sale. That’s because our products are covered by the best warranty in the surge protection industry. Most of our products carry a 30-year warranty. We also provide the technical expertise and support that only comes from being surge protection specialists. 

Do you want certainty? 

Get in touch with Innosys Power to schedule an on-site inspection. We conduct surge protection inspections on-site anywhere across Canada. Inspections can also be conducted virtually by one of our surge protection specialists. They will work directly with your plant manager or maintenance engineer to inspect and report on all your surge protection devices. 

The following links identify recently recalled products from manufacturers and regulators. Any customer who identifies a potentially affected Surge Protection Device(s) should immediately stop using the device: 

A Canadian leader in the Power Quality industry

Innosys Power is a Canadian leader in the Power Quality industry. We have specialized in providing surge protection solutions since 1985. It is all we do. We provide certainty to our customers.

We provide the technical knowledge and products to protect your entire facility from electrical surges to power quality issues. Our Total Protection Solutions (TPS) line of surge protection devices sets the industry standard for quality, technical support, onsite service, and warranty. The TPS product line covers industrial, commercial, institutional, mining, agricultural, OEM and residential applications.

We offer a no-charge, no-obligation audit of your facility requirements, conducted by an Innosys Power-trained professional. We provide a recommended plan to address your specific needs.