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In any form, natural disasters are capable of damaging municipal infrastructure and the communities that depend on it. After a hurricane, flood or wildfire, communities are tasked with the challenge of rebuilding, sometimes from the ground up. While we can’t control the weather, we can do our best to implement preventative measures while rebuilding infrastructure. That’s why surge protection devices are a vital part of preventative maintenance and play an integral role in keeping communities safe.


The recent wildfires and floods that struck British Columbia in 2021 necessitated extreme clean-ups and efforts to rebuild highways,  powerlines, homes and industrial sites. 

Communities who experience frequent natural disasters have to rebuild their infrastructure far too frequently. In an effort to end the costly cycle of rebuilding, some communities have turned to new ways to build more “resilient” infrastructure. Architects and engineers are now tasked with developing innovative industrial design solutions built to withstand recurring natural disasters. 


Why you should consider surge protection devices when rebuilding infrastructure

While surge protection devices can’t stop a storm, they can mitigate damage to powered equipment in areas prone to unruly weather. Improper surge protection can do further damage to powered technology in the event of a storm. However, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies or battery back-ups), as recommended in the article, aren’t always the best solution for power surges. Full-facility surge protection, at main panels, sub-panels and critical equipment are your first line of defense against storm surges.

Fortunately, there are a wide array of devices meant for all industries and residences from homes and condos to  major industrial plants.


Industries and their Ideal Surge Protection Device:

When rebuilding after a natural disaster, surge protection devices can contribute to the resiliency of newly built infrastructure. Electrical surges are common in many cases of extreme weather, so mitigating potential damage caused by electrical surges is vital to the longevity of infrastructure. 

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