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The newly constructed St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School in Ayr, Ontario includes surge protection from Total Protection Solutions (TPS).

Monica Johnston from Innosys Power assisted with the selection of LowProfile and ServiceTrack models, which are installed on main service panels and subpanels at the new school. As part of the complete service from Innosys, Monica will also inspect the final installation of all SPD’s at the school.

The new school will be protected from lightning strikes and transient voltage. The supply of clean power is vital for a new facility with modern lighting, computers, HVAC and security systems.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board will enjoy lower operating costs. Surge protection extends the life of modern electronics and lighting.

Innosys Power specializes in surge protection for entire facilities including; industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications. TPS surge protectors feature industry leading performance and warranty coverage. Our skilled representatives across Canada are ready to assist engineers, electrical contractors and facility managers.