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As if supply chains weren’t already being compromised by pandemic restrictions, the situation has been exacerbated by recent border protests, adding further delays to important deliveries. What does this have to do with surge protection?

Tim Dakers, National Sales and Technical Support at Innosys Power, has heard about the impact this is having on customers. He is hearing horror stories about delayed shipments of parts from clients that demonstrate the importance of protecting production equipment across a range of industries and manufacturers. Here are some examples. (Quotes are from Tim):

“I was just at (a well known food and beverage company) and they called us in specifically for this reason. They had a power outage and lost several drives as a result of the surge, but they are experiencing lead times on the replacements of many months and in some cases unknown delivery dates.”

“I received an inquiry from a factory that needs to protect some equipment that, if it goes down, the delivery is now 40 weeks due to supply chain issues. These long delays are everywhere in the electronics manufacturing world.”

“Talking to agents to get some specific examples, I was told today that 3-way light switches for homes are impossible to get right now as a result of supply chain delays.”

Kelly Sturrock, Innosys Power’s Ontario Sales Manager is hearing similar stories:

“VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) are around 8 weeks. If they are European models it’s taking even longer. Delivery times for transformers are around 40 weeks. Power supplies, really almost everything is seeing astronomical lead times.”

Well-matched and functioning surge protection solutions fulfil two critical roles. In the event of a power surge, the surge protector unit takes the brunt of the power overload, protecting valuable equipment from damage and destruction. The best surge protection solutions also regulate the quality of the power being delivered to run equipment, thereby extending the life of individual components and equipment.

When faced with serious supply chain delays, think of surge protection as “an ounce of prevention”, always better than “a pound of cure”. Implementing the right surge protection solution can avoid costly downtime, repairs and interruptions. 

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