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Surge Protection Devices for Agriculture Applications – Innosys Power reduces agricultural losses, supercharges profits

Innosys Power surge protection devices (SPDs) with Enhanced Transient Filter will mitigate many common electrical problems experienced by agriculture applications. Innosys Power can dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

Common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  • Lightning
  • Wind slap
  • Grid switching
  • Surges created by neighbours on the same grid
  • Back-up generator switching on and off

We have had tremendous success at many agricultural and Hutterian facilities throughout Canada, addressing a multitude of applications unique to farming  communities, including:

  • Drive protection
  • PLC and ventilation control protection
  • Main incoming
  • RFID. systems
  • Feed mills
  • Laundry room, washing machine VFD’s
  • Milking parlours

The unit at the distribution panels in the barns will isolate the individual circuits from each other, stopping internal surges created by motors, pumps, drives, and ballasts from damaging each other.

Innosys Power equipment has a 30-year free replacement warranty on AC Panel Units. A unit is replaced or repaired at no cost (except shipping & installation) if it fails, for any reason, during the warranty period.