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Surge Protection Devices for Grow-OP Facilities – Innosys Power Protects Profits From Going Up in Smoke

Innosys Power surge protection devices (SPDs) with Enhanced Transient Filter mitigate many common electrical problems experienced by Grow-Op Facilities. Innosys Power can dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

The main electrical service protects the facility from externally generated surges such as lightning strikes, utility, and neighbouring sites. But only 10-15% of all electrical surges come from these sources. 85-90% of surges are generated internally in the Distribution and Branch Panels which provide electrical power within the facility, interconnected through the facility’s wiring.

Innosys Power reduces the damaging effects of both internal and external electrical surges and spikes, protecting:

  • Grow rooms
  • Clone rooms
  • Refrigeration
  • Lighting
  • Building automation
  • Fire alarm & CO2 systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Conveyors, potting systems
  • Security cameras and communication systems
  • Processing and packaging lines

Innosys Power equipment has a 25-30-year free replacement warranty on AC Panel Units. A unit is replaced or repaired at no cost (except shipping & installation) if it fails, for any reason, during the warranty period. For more information on surge protection devices for grow-OP facilities, contact us at Innosys Power.