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Surge Protection Devices for Up-Scale Homes and Condos — Innosys Power is Your Simple Solution to a “Complex” Problem

Innosys Power surge protection devices (SPDs) with Enhanced Transient Filter will mitigate many common electrical problems experienced by up-scale homeowners. Innosys Power can dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

Some common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  • HVAC: Damage and loss of Variable frequency drives (VFD’s), compressors, and  circuit boards
  • LED Lighting: Excessive failure rate of electronic drivers and fixtures
  • Home Automation (Lutron) and Lighting Control Systems
  • Security and Alarm Systems: Failure of Cameras, Gates, Circuit Boards, False Alarms
  • Pool and Hot tub Controls
  • Home Theatre systems (audio and video)

Innosys Power reduces the damaging effects of both internal and external electrical surges and spikes. The following list includes electrical overhead areas that should be considered in  cost justifying Innosys Power proposals:

  • Extended life and increased efficiency of LED Lighting and Controls
  • Reduced electrical service work (HVAC, Pools, Hot Tubs)
  • Reduced equipment downtime (repair and service)
  • Value of increased electrical systems safety (Fire, Security, Lightning, etc.)
  • Reduced insurance claims and subsequent policy increases

Innosys Power equipment has a 15 – 25 year free replacement warranty on AC Panel Units.). A unit is replaced or repaired at no cost (except shipping & installation) if it fails, for any reason, during the warranty period. For more information on surge protection for homes and condos, contact Innosys Power.