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Surge Protection Devices for Pipeline Systems – Innosys Power Conducting Pipeline Protection

Innosys Power surge protection devices (SPDs) with Enhanced Transient Filter can mitigate many common electrical problems experienced in pressure containing pipeline systems. Innosys Power can dramatically improve the total operating safety, efficiency, and reliability of the electrical system.

Some common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  • Controller and circuit board failure, memory loss and erratic operations
  • Motor failure, bearing fluting, and bearing failure
  • Excessive failure rate of microprocessor-based controls, automated control valves
  • Damage to flow meters and turbidity meters
  • Reduced efficiency of motors, compressors, and transformers

Innosys Power is an integral part of any automated process and will solve most surge related electrical problems and improve the total operating efficiency. The Innosys Power design team  can help in all aspects of new and retrofit projects including:

  • Engineering assistance with single line drawing and panel schedule analysis
  • SPD sizing, part numbers, and project budgeting
  • Installation best practices
  • Pre and post installation inspections and commissioning
  • Educational seminars with continuing education credits
  • End user and contractor consultation

The overall benefits will be realized with system integrity that applies to all phases of the pipeline electrical power quality design, operation, and maintenance during our 30-year free replacement warranty. Innosys Power can extend the life of pipeline equipment, lower operating overhead, improved day-to-day safety, and efficiency.