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How do I know if my Surge Protection devices are working?

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Surge protection devices are essential for protecting the equipment in your facility and for ensuring the safety of your employees. The vast majority of responsible companies include surge protection as a vital component of their operations.
But how do you know if the surge protection devices you have installed are functioning properly? Will they do what they are designed to do when power surges occur?
You can find out the hard way – by waiting until a surge happens, potentially causing equipment damage or catastrophic failure. Or you can contact Innosys Power. We will conduct a full on-site inspection at no cost whatsoever. We inspect your current surge protection devices to make sure they are functioning and installed to industry best practices. We will also identify any units that have been recalled by the manufacturer and products that have been delisted by CSA and other regulatory agencies.

How frequently does this happen?
We often inspect facilities that have deficiencies in their surge protection. Finding old, expired, out-of-date, or recalled equipment is quite common. We also identify surge protection devices that are not suitable for the application for which they were installed or were installed incorrectly.
At Innosys Power, we offer our customers certainty. Providing customers with reliable surge protection is the only thing we do. It’s not a sideline or one part of our overall business. It is our business. And we take it very seriously.

Why do we offer no-cost inspections?
Frankly, it’s just good business. If your surge protection is working properly and is specified and installed correctly, we’ll tell you. Now you have certainty. If we do identify problems, we will let you know. We will also provide you with a no-obligation quote to correct the problem, or suggest ways to improve the installation of existing equipment. When this happens, we usually get the sale. That’s because our products are covered by the best warranty in the surge protection industry. Most of our products carry a 30-year warranty. We also provide the technical expertise and support that only comes from being surge protection specialists.

Do you want certainty?
Get in touch with Innosys Power to schedule your on-site inspection. We conduct surge protection inspections on-site anywhere across Canada. Inspections can also be conducted virtually by one of our surge protection specialists. They will work directly with your plant manager or maintenance engineer to inspect and report on all your surge protection devices.

What is a surge protection site audit?

The audit is an in person or virtual facility wide analytical “walk-through” to help determine the overall need for power quality and to identify specific surge protection requirements. Depending on the size and scope of the facility and power quality needs, the site audit typically takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the goal of a site audit?

An Innosys Power expert performs a site audit to help determine what the facility requires to improve power quality with regard to surge protection needs. Working within your budget, our power quality experts provide customers the fastest return on investment, usually between six and 24 months. They create and implement a long-term solution that will protect the facility equipment and processes from needless electrical downtime caused by transient voltages and voltage spikes.

Who performs the site audit?

The audit can be performed in person or virtually by an Innosys Power qualified search protection expert anywhere in Canada. All staff will have appropriate personal protection equipment as required.

What does a site audit cost?

Site audits are free of charge. There are no contracts or commitments.

How do I prepare for a site audit?

Prior to the audit, the Innosys Power expert will engage the customer with topical questions to help understand the application(s), power quality history, and products and processes that require protection. They will arrange a time and date that is convenient and timely for both parties. A current electrical Single Line Drawing (SLD) and Panel Schedules are always helpful but not mandatory to be able to conduct the audit.

What is my expected ROI?

Innosys Power clients can typically expect to realize full Return on Investment within a period of 6 to 24 months.

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    “We usually had one failure per month, which would cost us the price of the processor and $1,500 in downtime. We installed one of the Innosys Power units in front of the processor and we haven’t had any failures since. Innosys Power’s ‘Total Protection Solutions’ does the job in protecting our equipment. We plan to install more units over the next few months.”

    Dave HallMaintenance Supervisor, Quebecor World Concord

    “The lifetime savings for these units could reasonably exceed $100,000 as well as extending the life of the controllers. We plan to use the maintenance savings to address our arena lighting and similar issues on our splash pads. We will save $2,400 per splash pad repair and reduce our lighting and ballast replacement costs.”

    Bruce AbramMaster Electrician, City of London

    “I would estimate that the Innosys Power filters have paid for themselves in less than a year. With the 30 year warranty on the units, we will enjoy savings for many years to come. We plan to continue using the power filters to protect new equipment coming into the plant. This is the one project that is helping the bottom line. Thank you.”

    Jonathan BurkholderFacilities Maintenance Manager, Denver Cold Storage

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