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Troubleshooting Overvoltages

Sault Ste. Marie Public Utilities Commission

The user was seeing high numbers reporting on the surge counter – in the order of thousands per day. The user asked Innosys to investigate. Innosys Power quality expert, Bill Murphy, visited the site. The TPS counter (B-Option Available on models) was counting over voltages in a very regular and consistent fashion – about one per second. (See the video) Upon further investigation, it was noted that each count was simultaneous with an audible ‘tick’ emanating from the duct-work.

Bill recommended the user investigate his equipment for problematic contractors. A rooftop HVAC unit was continually engaging and the issue was addressed.

It should be noted that tens of thousands of transients, over a period of several weeks, were attenuated by the TPS surge protector. Without the protector, the building loads would have been exposed to thousands of transient overvoltage spikes and the problem would not have been diagnosed until much later. The following video records the counter activity and the corresponding ‘tick’ in the ductwork.\

For more information on troubleshooting overvoltage, contact us at Innosys Power.