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Surge protection is extremely important for all types of industrial equipment, but some equipment is mission critical. We rely on many of these businesses and industries to provide us with power, clean water, food, and other essentials. That’s why their industrial equipment should never fail as a result of power surges. The right surge protection solutions extend the longevity and reliability of this equipment and provide the best value and ROI on energy expenditures.

Here are some examples of essential equipment that requires surge protection, and why:

Security Equipment:

Keeping facilities, guests, employees and equipment safe is a top priority. Large facilities including banks, museums and airports have complex security systems that must be in service at all times. Swipe cards, cameras, circuit boards and alarms all run the risk of disarming as a result of an electrical surge or power failure. In these situations it is important that security equipment remains up and running without compromising the security of the facility, guests, employees and belongings.

HVAC Systems:

For large-scale HVAC systems, compressors, circuit boards and variable frequency drive (VFD) motors used to control AC speed, are at risk for failure during an electrical surge. Many large buildings — commercial, industrial and residential — depend on HVAC systems to regulate their temperatures. Commercial and industrial heating, cooling and ventilation systems are much larger than residential systems, meaning their failure can have large-scale consequences.

LED Lighting Systems:

Lighting is essential for industries such as food production and agriculture. Unfortunately, power surges can have extreme impacts on lighting systems necessary for production. As farmers begin to implement LED lighting as an energy efficient alternative, functioning light fixtures become increasingly important to the life of their agriculture. Surge protection devices can mitigate the chances of LED light failure to keep grow rooms bright and plants thriving.


Everyone knows the fear of being stuck in an elevator. The right SPD can help to prevent VFD and control board failures so that elevators keep running during storms and surges. Preventing elevator failure — especially for highrise buildings — keeps everyone at ease.

The Innosys Power Total Protection Solutions (TPS)  line of SPDs provide a full range of devices suitable for security, HVAC, lighting, elevators and other commercial equipment. 


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