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Innosys Power Surge Protection Warranty, Image of Warranty logo

Surge Protection Warranty: During the applicable warranty period, any Total Protection Solutions™ surge protection device which fails due to defect in materials, workmanship or any electrical anomaly, including  lightning, shall be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion without charge. In the  event of a return the device must be shipped FOB place of business within the applicable  warranty period. The applicable warranty period for this surge protective device is outlined  below in the Warranty Period section. The warranty period for any repaired device or  replacement devices will be only the remaining portions of the original limited warranty. 

Total Protection Solutions™ shall have no liability under this warranty for problems or defects  directly or indirectly caused by misuse of the product, alteration of the product (including removal of any warning labels) accidents, improper installation, application, operation or  improper repair of the product. 

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained through the channels of  purchase (distribution) before returning any products. 

Warranty period begins from date of original owner purchase. This warranty is not transferable  and may only be enforced by the original end user. Claims under this warranty must be  submitted to Total Protection Solutions™ within thirty (30) days of discovery of any suspected  product defect. 

Warranty Period: 

Service Track 30 Years from original date of purchase 

Low Profile 30 Years from original date of purchase 

Trans Track 25 Years from original date of purchase 

Load Track 15 Years from original date of purchase 

Com Track 3-10 Years from original date of purchase (based on specific models)