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The Innosys Power team recently received the following letter from a customer:

I would like to extend my thanks for the amazing services you and Innosys Power have provided me and the District of Muskoka.  

Recently, the Sewage Pumping Station on Brofoco Drive in Bracebridge, Ontario received a sizable power surge from either a utility power surge or possibly even a lightning strike. After inspection, we saw that the Total Protection Solutions surge protection device’s (SPD) line 2 LED indicator was out and the audible alarm was sounding, indicating the SPD had sacrificed. 

Thankfully, upon further inspection of the facility we saw that all electrical items, including both VFDs and our micro 820 Allen Bradley PLC, had been protected from the voltage spike by your surge protector. 

What makes this even more remarkable is that the SPD was installed in 2005 and Innosys Power has replaced the unit under warranty after 17 years of being in service.  

Your 30-year warranty is the real deal. 


Justin Wright, Owner/Operator, 

Wright Tech Electric Ltd.

We are very pleased to share Justin’s experience with you here, because it demonstrates two important aspects of the Total Protection Solutions 30-Year Warranty. First of all, as Justin puts it so well, it IS the real deal. At any time during the warranty period, if the SPD unit needs to be replaced, for any reason, we replace it at no cost. After one week, or after 29 years and 364 days in service, we replace the unit. So it really is a no hassle warranty.

Secondly, it’s important to emphasize that in the vast majority of cases, the Total Protection Solutions (TPS) unit is being replaced not because it failed, but because it did exactly what it was designed to do. When installed correctly, TPS surge protectors are designed to take the load impact before a surge reaches your critical (and expensive!) equipment. That is one of its primary functions. The other is to deliver superior power quality to extend the lifespan of that equipment. 

How can we back up our products with the best warranty in the industry? First, every single unit is third-party tested using stringent parameters to verify performance and to ensure dependability. If a unit doesn’t pass these tests, they are not sold or put into use. So you can count on them. And if a unit sacrifices itself (thanks for that one, Justin) in the line of duty, we want our customer to know that their initial investment in TPS surge protection has not only saved them from expensive replacement, repairs and downtime, it also doesn’t cost them extra to continue protecting that equipment with a new TPS unit.

We want satisfied customers for the long term. That is how Innosys Power provides our customers with certainty.