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What can you expect to happen if a Surge Protection Unit sacrifices?
At Innosys Power, we document as many “failures” of our products as possible. Wait, what? 

Let me explain. When one of our surge protectors self-sacrifices, it absorbs the energy away from the equipment it was installed to protect. Energy has to go somewhere. Depending on the amplitude of the voltage, and the cause and type of surge experienced, the unit may exhibit signs of damage.

And that’s a good thing. Because it’s done its job.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Tyler Underwood is a Professional Engineer and owner of UES Engineering in Vernon, British Columbia. He uses photos of a sacrificed Total Protection Solutions (TPS) unit from Innosys Power as an endorsement of the benefits of surge protection. Tyler explains to his clients that in this example a lightning strike occurred, and the device in the photo absorbed the surge. None of the customer’s equipment was damaged (other than the surge protector), and no downtime was experienced as a result of the surge event. Even more impressively, he lets them know the unit was replaced free of charge and without a hassle. Innosys Power provides a 30-year free replacement Warranty on the unit, replacing it even when it does exactly what it was designed to do!

We’ve learned recently that this same photo has been making the rounds, but without any of the context provided here. It’s like showing a photo of an automobile that has been in a crash, implying that it’s not safe, when the photo actually reveals that the passenger area remained uncrumpled because the rest of the vehicle absorbed the impact, the way it was designed to do. 

When the world’s largest technical professional organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) considers a surge protection device to be failing unsafely, they are referring to arc flashes and fire damage. That is not what these photos depict. A Surge Protection Device that self-sacrifices in the course of duty may not look pretty after the event, but it did its job.

Intrigued? Get in touch with an Innosys sales representative in your region to learn more about our Total Protection Solutions line of surge protection products. They may just be the only products on the market that are fully warrantied for working properly.


Innosys Power is the exclusive Canadian Distributor of Total Protection Solutions products.